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Tiens Flexi Tablets

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Tiens Flexi Tablets - Glucosamine and Agaricus Extract

Product Code: ODM2

Contents: 60 tablets

Joints are exposed to excessive strain every day. Many problems with their function also begin to appear with age, because the structure of the joints is impaired. Therefore is very important to supplement a daily diet with ingredients necessary for their proper functioning.


Joints are the locations where bones meet allowing movement. For their proper function, they require healthy joint cartilage, synovial fluid and a correct attachment of the muscles and tendons. Joint cartilage plays a key role here, as its dysfunction leads to rheumatic diseases. With age, joint cartilage wears out and the joints cease to properly function. This causes the appearance of pain, stiffness, and with time can lead to impaired movement.

Apart from ageing, our lifestyle is another factor affecting the shape of our joints. Exercise is always recommended, however some sports or strain during everyday physical activities can overburden the joints just as much as heavy lifting, walking in high heels or extra weight. Additionally, stress leads to the constriction of back muscles, and as a result the legs are supplied with insufficient amounts of oxygen, and joints begin to hurt.

In order to maintain the joints in good shape, appropriate physical exercise, a calcium-rich diet, vitamins D, B and C may prove helpful. However in case of shortage of certain ingredients, very important is proper supplementation. Food supplements are the nutraceutical whose purpose is to supplement the normal diet of the active ingredients products, which are necessary for our organism. Tiens Flexi combines active ingredients as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, as well as valuable components using in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the Brazilian mushroom, devil’s claw and turmeric.


The supplement contains Brazilian mushroom (Agaricus blazei Murill). This precious fungus can be found in various region of the world: in China, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil. For the first time this mushroom was mentioned by mycologist William A. Murrill in 1945 and it was the beginning of the study, to get to know its properties. It emerged that Brazilian mushroom is a source of many minerals (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron), vitamins (B1, B2). It also contains nicotinic acid and bioactive polysaccharides such as beta-glucans. There are many studies and publications, which confirm that in this component active substances have a positive influence on the human body by supporting immune system.

Another ingredient of the preparation — devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is a plant originating from Africa. It contains iridoids compounds, harpagoside, harpagide and procumbid, as well as flavonoids, phenolic acids and many other substances, helpful for the proper functioning of the organism.

In turn, turmeric, also called the Indian saffron, is known in Europe mainly as an oriental spice. Asians have been using it for thousands of years in traditional medicine. Turmeric contains antioxidant components and also includes over a hundred other active substances. The most precious ones are curcumin and its derivatives called curcuminoids. Turmeric supports the functioning of the nervous system and help to maintain the health of joints and bones.

Tiens Flexi preparation contains also glucosamine, chondoritin and hyaluronic acid. These three very valuable ingredients are an integral part of the human body and building blocks of joint cartilage.


The ingredients of the preparation have a broad spectrum of action:

  • Agaricus blazei Murrill support the immune system,
  • Curcuma helps to control inflammatory responses within the body,
  • Curcuma turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Curcuma helps to keep the skin healthy,
  • Curcuma helps to maintain the health of joints and bones,
  • Curcuma supports functioning of the nervous system,
  • Devil's craw supports the digestion,
  • Devil's craw helps to maintian flexible joints and tendons.


  • The preparation is particularly recommended for individuals whose joints and muscles are exposed to strain due to excessive physical activity, sports, physical work or obesity.
  • The use of the supplement is also recommended for the elderly.

Among other medical conditions, Flexi prevents, helps or treats:


  • Take 1 tablet twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening.

Last updated: February 17, 2017

Tiens Flexi Tablets
Tiens Flexi Tablets

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