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 Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao

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Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao

Product Code: B05

Contents: 30 tablets × 1.2 g

Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao - main ingredients

  • Zymolytic Bone Calcium Powder,
  • Calcium Citrate,
  • Casein Phospho-Peptide,
  • Vitamin D3,
  • Acid of Torezo fruits.

Tiens Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao has a very high absorbtion rate of around 99%. The compound of calcium with the acid of Torezo fruits accelerates the processes of metabolism, normalizes PH, and has an impact on dissolving the stones in urinary bladder. Vitamin D3 stimulates the assimilation of calcium in organism, suppresses the growth of cancroid cells and strengthens the immunity. Phosphoric acid also helps to assimilate calcium by blocking the turn of ionized calcium in small intestine into calcium salt.

Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao was compiled for those who should quickly supply theirs diet with calcium in the following cases:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women,
  • Children and adolescents,
  • Prevention of osteoporosis in adults,
  • Fracture of the bones.

Therapeutic indications

  1. Prophylactic or curative for pregnant and nursing mothers, because in this period women lose a large amount of calcium. In weeks 7-9 and 32-34 is the formation of bone and teeth codes when pregnant women must control the amount of calcium;
  2. Prevention of rickets in children;
  3. Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and rheumatic fever in adults;
  4. Vessels recovering well and has general tonic action;
  5. Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao is an additional source of calcium;
  6. Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao enhances anti-diabetic pancreatic function, stimulates protein synthesis and is very effective in diseases such as arthritis, colitis, skin diseases, depression, menopause and andropause disorders and some forms of anemia;
  7. Normalizes sleep (to take one capsule before bedtime);
  8. Enable synthesis of components thet prevents calcium entry in response to gastric acid, which allows the best absorption of calcium (98%) in the small intestine, supported by vitamin D3 contained in the calcium;
  9. Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao helps dissolve kidney and bladder stones, retaining calcium in it;
  10. It allows to obtain better results when uric diathesis;
  11. Gai Bao is recommended in case of gout;
  12. Bone fracture (including welding defective bone);
  13. Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao has additional capacity to increase metabolic processes, changes at the cellular level, restore to normal blood pH and urinary modified by various pathogens (toxic aggression, mineral imbalance and acid-base disorders).
  14. It is also claimed that Gai Bao would increase libido in both sexes.


  • Children and adolescents: 3-4 tablets/day;
  • Adults: 2-3 tablets/day;
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: 4 tablets/day.

Note: On pregnant women and breastfeeding women the effect appears in the second day of the administration. For a better assimilation and is recommended to crush pills and dissolved in water.

Cure duration: 1-3 months.

Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao
Calcium Treasure Tablets Gai Bao

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