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 Propolis Tablets

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Propolis Tablets

Product Code: S03

Contents: 60 tablets × 0.4 g

Honey is the not the only perfect fruit of bees’ labour. These extremely beneficial insects produce also bee glue known as propolis. Propolis was used even by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Assyrians, most often as a wound-healing substance, a booster of the immune system and for ailments of the digestive tract.


Propolis is a resin mixture of plant resins collected by bees from the buds of certain plants and trees such as poplars, birches or horse chestnuts. The buds of these plants are covered by a substance protecting them from bacteria, mites, fungi and insects. Bees make use of the properties of the collected resins by covering with them the elements of the beehive, insulating it but also disinfecting – by mummifying – the bodies of dead vermin that invaded the hive and which, due to their size, could not be removed. The medicinal use of propolis by man has its roots back in ancient times.


The Tiens Propolis supplement contains propolis, Agrimonia eupatoria extract and vitamin C.

Propolis contains several hundred diverse chemical compounds. Depending on its origin proportions of the substances may vary. Generally, propolis contains: resins, plant waxes and beeswax, essential oils, proteins, microelements (copper, silicon, manganese, magnesium, zinc) vitamins of the B, E, H, P groups. All these elements and compounds contribute to the health benefits of propolis.

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) has been widely used in natural medicine for hundreds of years. It contains, among others, flavonoids, tannins, essential oils, vitamin K. Contemporary research has proved that water-alcohol and water extracts from this plant have antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant combating free radicals responsible for the ageing of the body.


The ingredients of the preparation have the following effects:

  • according to traditional Chinese medicine, propolis and agrimony extract  have antibacterial properties,
  • according to traditional Chinese medicine, agrimony is beneficial for the mucous membrane of the throat and upper respiratory tract,
  • vitamin C and copper support the body’s natural defences,
  • vitamin C, manganese, zinc and copper help protect cells from oxidative stress,
  • vitamin C helps reduce fatigue and lassitude and keep the good mental condition,
  • vitamin C and copper contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system,
  • vitamin K is important for proper blood coagulation and helps maintain healthy bones.

Among other medical conditions, Propolis prevents, helps or treats:

Therapeutic recommendations

  • Viral infections, bronchitis, sore throat, rhinitis, and any condition of the mouth;
  • Weakened immune system;
  • Diseases of skin boils, psoriasis, or total baldness in spots, eczema, sores that are hard to heal, frostbite and bedsores;
  • Inflamed joints and internal organs;
  • Diseases and disorders of the circulatory system of blood microcirculation, capillary fragility;
  • Tooth decay and gum inflammation;
  • Malignant tumors of the mucosa and skin injury from radiation;
  • Disorder of the endocrine function;
  • Inflammatory processes of female genitalia, cervix wound;
  • Diseases of the stomach, kidneys, liver and pancreas;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Stimulates absorption of vitamin C, tonic in nervous disorders.


  • The supplement should not be taken by individuals allergic to bee products or suffering from autoimmune diseases.


  • Take two tablets of the supplement three times a day;
  • Lozenges are to be dissolved slowly in the mouth.

Last updated: February 15, 2017

Propolis Tablets
Propolis Tablets

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