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 Banting Vegetal Essence Instant

Banting Vegetal Essence Instant

Product Code: S05

Contents: 12 sachets × 6 g

An ideal partner to Banting Vegetal Essence Tablets, the main ingredients of the powdered form of the product are extracted from: Chicory, Green Tea, Plum and Aniseed.

These traditionally used ingredients are valuable for weight loss as part of a healthy calorie controlled diet, aiding digestion and increasing energy levels during the weight loss programe. The product is made in accordance with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.


  • Children over 12 years: half sachet each second day.
  • Adults: one sachet 4 times per week.

The weight-loss programs: 2 sachets after a meal twice a week, or 1 sachet daily.

Note: Pour contents into a cup of water and mix thoroughly until completely dissolved.

Cure duration: 2-3 months.

Banting Vegetal Essence Instant
Banting Vegetal Essence Instant

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