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 Bone Treasure Tablets Gu-Bao

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Bone Treasure Tablets Gu-Bao

Product Code: A38

Contents: 100 tablets × 0.5 g

Bone Treasure Tablets Gu-Bao: a perfect combination for healthy bones!

Main ingredients: Calcium carbonate, release agents, microcrystalline cellulose modified, Starch, lactose, soy powder, starch, milk casein, separating agent Magnesium salts of fatty acids.

Calcium is an essential mineral, necessary for the construction and maintenance of healthy bones. Calcium is indispensable. An adequate calcium intake through food is very important. This is especially true during and after menopause, since in this phase of life unfavorably to the hormonal changes in the body can affect bone density.

Scientific studies show that the supply with milk sugar (lactose) and milk proteins an important role in the preservation of the bone stability plays. These substances are the food components, the increase in calcium solubility and its Enhance diffusion through the intestinal wall. Various molecules cause this, but especially the Phosphopeptides of Milchcaseins which calcium readily soluble form chelates.

Isoflavones from soy powder (phytoestrogens) help in addition to support the maintenance of the stability of bone and provide a natural alternative with respect hormone replacement therapy. It was shown in several studies that a high intake of soy, which has the highest concentration of phytoestrogens in the plant kingdom promotes bone strength.

Bone Treasure Tablets Gu-Bao calcium combines with the nutrients an innovative bone strengthening product and it makes with 3-fold effect and thus an important contribution to food for healthy bones in the menopause.

Gu-Bao has 3 effects:

  1. Better calcium absorption by the phosphopeptides,
  2. Improved calcium absorption by lactose,
  3. Increase bone mass by soy.



  • Bone Treasure Tablets (Gu-Bao) is NOT suitable for children and young people (under 14 years);
  • A number of 4 tablets Bone Treasure Tablets Gu-Bao meet 50% of the daily requirement of calcium;
  • Furthermore, 4 tablets deliver 100 mg Soybean powder, milk casein, and 60 mg of 160 mg of lactose.

Bone Treasure Tablets Gu-Bao
Bone Treasure Tablets Gu-Bao

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