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 Chewable Calcium

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Chewable Calcium

IMPORTANT: It can be replaced with Nutrient Super Calcium Powder!

Product Codes

  • B20a (peaches flavor)
  • B20b (strawberries flavor)

Contents: 60 tablets × 0.25 g

Tiens Chewable Calcium is made in accordance with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This supplement is especially designed with your health, nutritional and energy needs and safety in mind. It provides a balance of 19 vitamins and minerals and is a source of soy protein, all in a great tasting drink.

Tiens Chewable Calcium is an excellent source of highly absorbable calcium and vitamin D3. This formula is also a great source for antioxidant vitamins C and E and protein, which help to maintain normal level of blood glucose and cholesterol. It can be used as a lower calorie meal replacement for those who must or desire to lose weight.

In line with improvement of human being awareness in maintaining health, mineral substance, particularly Calcium is considered to have special merit to maintain bone health. At the age of 25 year, density level of human bone attains its peak, thereafter bone mass dentsity slowly reduces. Mineral substance begins to be apart from bone.

Bone porosity disease is resulting from reduction of bone mass density.This disease generally occurs at middle age or advanced age. Those suffering from this disease will lack body height,easily have a bone fracture. In the meantime. any other diseases relating to lack of calcium also occur, such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Children lacking calcium can be exposed to a serious rickets which will influence their growth. In human life, particularly during childhood and adolescence, regular sport and sufficient calcium supply will assist body in maintaining health and reducing bone porosity disease in the future; effectively preventing any diseases relating to lack of calcium. Seeing from eating and drinking habit of human being in case or calcium supply, the making of Tiens.

Sucking tablet uses a biotechnological process to extract calcium from a fresh cow bone, then adds the same with carbonate calcium and Vitamin D.

Chewable calcium tablet contains calcium 0f 250 mg per tablet. In addition to having a high calcium content, it can also easily be absorbed by body, effectively overcome lack of calcium. In its composition. This sucking calcium tablet does not contain any sugar substance, but it is fragrant and sweet in the mouth and highly suitable for children due to not causing teeth damage. Adult using this product can prevent bone porosity disease. This product is also suitable for diabetic to add calcium.

Who is Tiens Chewable Calcium Tablets suitable for?

  • It is the supplement of Calcium and suitable for ordinary people with calcium deficiency.
  • It is suitable for children as well.

Dosage: 2 tablets daily by chewing.

Chewable Calcium
Chewable Calcium

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