Fat Sport Expert

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Fat Sport Expert ABT 2002

Product Code: D17

Shape your body without liposuction in only 21 Days!
Remove fatty deposits, and your ugly belly fat,easy, gentle and fast, using
Fat Sport Expert device. It works by generating magnetic fields and super-long waves technique!

The Fat Sport Expert is the ideal choice for perfect body shaping. It can get rid of the extra inches of your body at anywhere you wish. A dedicated electronic log and an extra large screen records and displays your weight loss history, at the same time monitor your progress. It can improve pregnancy lines, fine lines and orange peel skin of women. The special massage function will allow you to relax your muscles at your own convenience.

Super intelligent chip design, based on your individual situation. The micro-computer designs special fat sport program, scientific and reasonable using time and number of using times.

  • It applies particular super-long wave technique and makes body shaping much more fast, scientific and effective.
  • Intensive healthy magnets can improve micro-ciruclation of your body, re-inforce cell energy of skin and make skin more shiny, beautiful and flexible.
  • Get rid of redundant fat of your belly, waist, hip and legs.
  • Eliminate pregnancy wrinkles from the women belly.
  • Clear up the cellulite and makes skin come back to the original healthy color.
  • To stimulate the mammary gland which promotes the growth of breasts.
  • The massage state can be set freely by time and intensity input, helps you relieve tiredness.
  • Super-big Liquid-Crystal-Display Screen makes it easy to master shaping process.
  • Massage function helps to release the tiredness in body and mind.

Who is Tiens Fat Sport Expert suitable for?

  1. Fat Sport Expert is suitable for everyone except patients with heart disease and/or gynecopathy.
  2. Fat Sport Expert is not suitable for people under 15 years old and above 65 years old of age.
  3. Fat Sport Expert is not suitable to use on your face, neck and head.

After using Fat Sport Expert, lots of energy will be used up thus make the user feel very hungry. It is important to control your diet; otherwise the effect will be influenced badly.

Fat Sport Expert

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Fat Sport Expert

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