Far Infrared Health Matress (S)

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Far Infrared Health Matress (S, 105 x 200 cm)

Product Code: T06

Note: this product is/was also known as Far Infrared Bedclothing (S).

Principle of far infrared health matress
The far infrared  health matress is the new generation of sleeping facility, which is a new-type multi-function fiber made through high-tech method. Its main material is the far infrared material, negative ion material and macromolecule material, which has very good health-care effect.

Function of far infrared health matress

  1. Photon energy
    It is a kind of wave energy whose wavelength is close to what is emitted by the life energy of the body, which can penetrate the body and bring orderly stimulation to body’s points, enhance the metabolism, improve the immunity, assure healthy circadian function.

  2. Far infrared energy
    It can improve the blood circulation through discharging 8-15 micron far infrared ray, which can improve the blood and oxygen supply of the whole body.

  3. Negative ion
    The Tourmaline material blended in the fiber can produce negative ion around the head, which go into the blood through the skin and
    respiratory organs and realize the effect of adjusting the function of the brain and automatic nerves, improve the blood supply of the
    brain and heart, dissipate fatigue, clean the air around your body, improve sleeping environment and prevent the occurrence of some

Characteristics of far infrared health matress

  • Soft and comfortable
    The multi-function materials used by far infrared health matress are soft and comfortable, silkiness feeling, antisudorific and deodorant.
  • Clean and sanitary
    Traditional bed clothing are not easy for cleaning and drying, which tend to breed bacteria and acarid. The stuffing material of far infrared health matress is the multi-function fibers, that its bacteriostatic finishing rate is more than 99.97%, and at the same time, it is easy, convenient and sanitary for cleaning.
  • Fashionable design
    The health-care bed clothing appeared in the past paid too much attention to the health,however the materials and colour can’t match with the living room’s environment. While this time far infrared  health matress is not only the multi-function health-care product, but also choosing the fine ,comfortable and beautiful fabric and the fashionable colour of international household textile, provided corresponding beddings for the consumers, and trying to make our products more fashionable.

Who is far infrared health matress suitable for?

  1. People with weakened health:
  • Improvement and healing effect on
  • Cerebral arteriosclerosis,
  • Chronic bronchitis,
  • Chronic gastritis,
  • Cutaneous pruritus,
  • Hypertension,
  • Insomnia,
  • Intolerance of coldness,
  • Pain of neck, shoulder, waist, back or legs,
  • Rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Healthy people:
  • Alleviating fatigue,
  • Enhancing energy,
  • Health care,
  • Nourishing skin.

Far Infrared Health Matress (S)

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Far Infrared Health Matress (S)

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