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Dental problems in children

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Dental problems in children

Milk teeth enamel have a very thin / fragile, which is why they are vulnerable to cavities. Therefore, it is necessary to concern ourselves with their care because, later, problems will be transmitted to the permanent teeth.

Sometimes superficial caries of milk teeth can be relatively difficult to detect. The child complains of toothache, most often in contact with cold or too hot items. In this context it is good to know that the pain caused by a tooth is different from pain caused by a permanent tooth. In the case of deep cavities, your dentist may suggest extraction of teeth affected.


  • Regular brushing of the teeth, preferably after every meal;
  • Food hygiene - will limit the consumption of flour, sweets, candy and juice with preservatives. Instead, the child can eat fruit, vegetables and natural juices prepared in house.

Tiens-Tianshi products recommended for dental problems in children:


  • The indications from this webpage are based on the experience in the medical practice, but they do not supersede the recommendations resulting from the specialty consultations;
  • In each stage, the recommended products act synergistically;
  • To treat the condition described above, there are also other products of Tiens-Tianshi corporation;
  • To document on recommended products click the links above or the appropriate image of the product on the left side of the screen;
  • For best results, read the description of each product;
  • Follow all stages and indicated doses;
  • The indications of this website do not replace professional recommendations from consultations conducted by a physician;
  • The products recommended on this website should not be used as substitutes for prescribed medicines;
  • Do not forget, in most cases, the best doctor is yourself.

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